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24-Oct-2015 18:52: Back To Top

This has been a long time in coming, for as you can see now The Clan will reemerge back into the old realm of not only PC titles, but the Console realms once again. Regaining our old structure of Section Leaders, headed off by the overseeing Council that will be selected By our Current Clan Leaders. Such Title Series that will be included are Unreal Tournament, Rainbow Six, Gears Of War, Star Wars Commando, Boom Beach, and finally The Black Ops Library. So... if you know curently of anyone who is involved one or all of these titles, All you have to do is just direct them to the proper Contact information, and we will set up tryout Dates for the First Person Shooters. As For the Others, I will be posting Minimum Requirements for each in the Appropriate Sections. The Projected Date for the Completion is estimated to be Before the end of November. More to Follow Shortly.

03-Oct-2015 21:07: Back To Top

Well as most of you have more or less discovered the old empire name and war record have been wiped clean. My Reasons were numerous, one of them being, the string of bad luck and Non-dedicated players parking inactive accounts within the clan. In all My years of managing Gaming Clans, I have never been witness to such selfishness amongst gamers. But since this is a "Free App" compared to Console and PC Titles, I am not in the least Surprised of the lack of Mature players within this title. Having said that and getting it off my chest this "Will not happen Again". I have Regained my posture and the old Guild Name once more. The Entire site will reflect these changes, and our attitude towards rebuilding the Guild. I am in the process of reenlisting some new Blood and old, as well as adding An IRC channel for our Communications.

If you are not Familiar with MIRC you can download it Here. There is a vast array of help Forums on the Site. Our Channel is just watiing for X on Undernet to lock it Down. Our IRC Channel Link is Merc-Guild for IRC.

17-August-2015 14:02: Back To Top

Well this is something Historic yet humble at the same time. I want to thank each one of you for all the help I have received in achieving this goal. Tonight, when I laid down for a short rest, My village was attacked not once, but twice of which one defense elevated my Clan Village status into the Champion League. the other granted a 12 hour shield after just a one star, You guys are some of the best Friends online I have met over the years. For I will do my best to keep the engine going, as long as I have the Fuel and the Drive to keep the pilot light on. Thank you once again. I do not need to mention Names, you know who you are :D

Games come and go... Friends are Forever Live long and Clash On

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